Saturday, July 14, 2012

Brioche (muffin size)

I feel like a treatie.  I feel like something decadent, delicious, and worthy of a morning with a good cup of coffee and a paper. 

There are few things so delightful on a Sunday morning than warm brioche.  

I have no plans for tomorrow and think I need a delightful Sunday morning. Look at what we're going to make!!  *we as in you and I, no one here will play with me*

I'm making Brioche.  The dough is rising in the fridge.  In theory, I will take it out of the fridge, punch it down and form it into 12 mini brioches, let them rise an hour and bake them.

I don't make these too often for me.  I am sort of cheap and feel the half pound of butter in it is prohibitive, well, to make something just for me.  I make these for friends regularly.  That's out the window today, I need a treat and apparently, I'm the one to make it. 

Tracy's Brioche Mini's

In the bowl of a Cuisinart (food processor), combine:
4 Tbsp water
2 tsp sugar
2 1/2 tsp yeast (or one packed)
Allow to proof about 10 minutes.

ADD (all at once)
3 eggs
3/4 tsp salt (kosher)
2 cups a/p flour
Pulse until just combined.  Add 2 sticks (1/2 cup) cool, but softened, butter
Pulse until it's sticky and smooth, don't overwork it
Use a rubber spatula and put it in a bowl in a relatively round shape.  Cover with plastic wrap (I butter the plastic with the butter wrapper) and put in the fridge.  Leave in there overnight to rise.
In the morning, remove the risen dough to a lightly flour dusted board and divide into 12 balls. 
 Roll each ball into a round then roll the side of your hand along one quarter of the ball to form a second, smaller, ball (see picture)  Pick up by the small ball and drop into a buttered muffin tin. 


Repeat... make a ball, chop/roll the top third, pick it up my it's little head and drop/press into a buttered tin.  No, I don't own brioche molds, maybe one of these days I'll spring for some.


Brush with egg and leave to double, about an hour.  
30 minutes into the rise, preheat the oven to 375.  I put mine to rise in a makeshift proofing box, yes, it's a roasting tin over them.  *sigh*  After they've risen, about an hour, brush them with egg again and pop them into a preheated oven.
 When the brioche has risen (not doubled but definitely puffier), brush a second time with egg and bake until brown, crispy, risen, beautiful, puffy and airy.   BAKE, 375 for 25 minutes.   Remove immediately from the tins and leave to cool for a few minutes at least. 

Here's the beauty shots:
They are crispy and airy and buttery and light...
I slather them in butter and then put a blob of my homemade strawberry jam... yeah, that works.


These are high bang for the relatively easy dough making, just wait overnight, buck.  Go make them.  They are light, airy, buttery, crispy, soft, and feel extravagant. 

Seriously, go make them.

I like mine slathered with the homemade jam I made.  Even though you have to think about these the night before, they're easier than regular bread and so rich and decadent and delicious. 

Truly, go make these. 


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