Sunday, June 24, 2012

WHEY (mozzarella then biscuits)

I made mozzarella cheese at home with a friend.  There is no photographic evidence.  I don't think it's worth the time or the bother and I'm a massive "there's nothing that takes too much time" foodie! I will try it again but truly can't see the draw.  I'm much more excited about making my homemade clotted cream tomorrow (post to follow)

The mozzarella was fine.  The ricotta we made with the remaining whey was better.  I'm making stuffed shells with it tonight for dinner.  There was as much ricotta (1/2 lb) from the leftovers as there was fresh mozzarella.   We boiled the whey and strained...added salt and bingo, ricotta!  It's delicious.

I think, once you factor in the time, the money for the milk and the chemicals, it's cheaper (sad to say) to buy fresh at the local Italian market.  Unfortunately, there is no local Italian market for me but still, I can't see making it much. 

THAT being said.  I ended up with 2 1/2 gallons of whey AFTER the mozzarella and the ricotta.  It's pale yellow and tastes like the memory of having a glass of milk.  I'm not a fan.  I did some research and some people use it as a cream rinse or shampoo.  Um, no thanks. 

More research revealed people use it to make bread (perk!) or biscuits (perk!)  Hello Sunday morning, let's have a go at whey biscuits. 

Insert my standard biscuit recipe here: 

2 cups a/p
1 1/2 tsp kosher salt
3 tsp baking powder
1/2 Tablespoon sugar
Toss around then add: 
1 stick margarine (seriously, margarine)
Toss around with your fingers then add:
almost 1 cup milk... or in THIS CASE... WHEY! 

Toss with a fork to make a light, cohesive mass.  Tip out onto lightly floured board, pat it into a 1 1/2 inch thick round. and cut into 9 biscuits. 

I put them on a lightly greased comal and baked at 425 until they were done, 22 minutes I think. 

When they came out, brush quickly with a little butter (since there's none in the biscuit).  Split and eat. 

I put butter and honey on mine, I have a great line to local honey.  Connor is a purist and eats as many as he can with butter.  Husband ate one and said it was good!  *HIGH praise indeedy!

These are, without any doubt at all, the lightest biscuits I've ever made.  No stodgy bit in the middle.  I'll put these up against any old lady in town.  I know those are fighting words in grandmother biscuit land but seriously, if you can get your hands on whey, use it...  it's amazing! 

Right out of the oven... then a quick top buttering.  Can't you just dive in??

They just pull apart, these are crazy light!!  Flavorful as well, not quite buttermilk sour but much nicer than with regular milk

Butter and a drizzle of local honey...  oh and a little more honey!!

I'm going to continue to look for uses for this whey... I was going to toss it but for the biscuits alone it's worth making the cheese again!!!  


P.S.   *insert bad jokes here*

They're "whey" too good not to make again
"Whey" to go!
No "WHEY" you're making them with whey!

my family thinks they're hillarious  hahahaha

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