Friday, February 24, 2012

Pot Roast, old style

Sure, gadgets and food fads are the solid way to go, a lot of the time.  Sometimes, however, you want to go old school because the reason something is a classic and has been made the same way forever is because, simply, it's delicious.

Take a day, a cast iron dutch oven and a few ingredients and you will be in culinary comfort food nirvana in, well, hours and hours but really, even though it takes all day, you don't have to DO anything so...c'mon, let's get comfy! 

In an oval dutch oven throw in some potatoes, carrots, celery, bay leaf, garlic clove, salt and pepper, parsley stems, tyme leaves, herbs of choice, an onion chopped into 4, drizzle some olive oil over it all.


 Plunk (it's a culinary term) a 5 lb chuck roast (that's been salted and peppered) on top.  Pour in chicken stock or water to barely cover the vegetables.


Put into 275 degree oven, go have a life, come back in 5 hours. WOW that'll work!


Take your roast out and put it on a plate, in the oven to keep warm.  Pull out the carrots and potatoes and drain the rest of the juice.  Put the juice in a sauce pan and boil like crazy... add a slurry (flour+water) or cornstarch mixed with a little water or a beurre manie (butter+flour) to thicken the sauce to your liking. 

I put the potatoes to the side for another day and nuked some peas and mashed some potatoes for tonights version.

Serve meat, potatoes and vegetables. OR you can do the potato valley gravy holder


OR, like me, flood it all... eat with abandon and be happy in the depths of your soul.

Go make a pot roast, old school, fabulous.


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