Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fast food breakfast, it's my version of the breakfast sandwich

I felt like a sausage mcmuffin but really, there's no redeeming qualities at McD's to get me dressed on a Saturday morning when there's (finally) no soccer. I don't begrudge my beloved his enjoyment and fulfillment being part of a soccer team it's just that, well, unlike many parents, it's just for fun for us (hardly the end all/be all of many in the soccer world) We legitimately don't care if they win so long as they had fun. That being said, the season is over for now *yay*.

We are heading to kiddo's elementary school's carnival so he can revisit some of his teachers and younger friends. It's a beautiful day so I hope to find a quiet spot under a tree where my Nook and I can spend quality time, with a funnel cake of course.

Back to breakfast; necessity meet the mother of invention.

Problem one is solved, I know how to cook, bonus. Problem two is ingredients and luckily I have everything I need. As I see it, a few simple steps will result in gastronomic joy as well as excess. That just can't be bad and yes, it kind of only takes this to make me happy.

1. Make biscuits (easy)

2c flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

rub in 1 stick of margarine (!) it makes it better, who knew

Combine 3/4 cup milk and 1 xl egg, stir into the dry until it's thick and stodgy, turn onto floured board, flip a couple of times, cut into 5 large biscuits, place on cast iron pan, cook at 425 for 15 minutes or until beautiful, remove to rack and cool enough to slice open.

2. Luckily, I'd bought a pack of frozen sausage on sale to try so I tossed them into a pan and cooked them.

3. Move sausages to foil to keep warm, fry 2 small fresh eggs from friends chicken - these are green/blue which is disturbing until you crack them into the sausage fat and the enormous bright orange yolk smiles happily back at you. Fry over easy so there's some firm yolk but some soft and runny.

4. Slice white English cheddar (or whatever you have) thin and grate some for the top of the egg.

5. Assemble. Slice biscuit, place some thin slices of cheese on bottom, place hot sausage patty on top, then place two small fried eggs on top, sprinkle the grated cheese over and place the 'lid' slightly to the side.

6. Child is still sleeping (thankfully) so he'll get his later...Serve this beautiful creation to waiting husband and cross fingers it's a hit. *I'm still waiting for a verdict.

Make these, you'll be a star and I honestly think I had 5 on the table faster than if we'd have dashed out to McD's or any other fast food joint to buy a paper bag full.


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