Thursday, July 29, 2010

The OTHER thing to do with peameal - roast it whole

I was so excited at the prospect of successfully supplying myself with an authentic peameal (Canadian) bacon I quickly reverted to my old school ways of roasting it whole.

As much as I love the flavor of individually fried pieces, the little char on the outside, the crisp edges, mmmmm, sorry, I digress.

As much as I enjoy fried slices, I also enjoy roasting the peameals whole. The one I made tonight is 2 lb but I've roasted them as large as 8 lbs. It is an incredibly tender, moist meat even if you do (accidentally) cook it a bit long. I think it's due to the brine/cure, it retains it's moisture when cooked beautifully, it's worth a try.

1 peameal - any size
sheet pan drizzled with a little oil
400 degree oven
bake till it's 138 internal temperature (or is really firm to the touch). The temperature will continue to rise when it rests for those who are concerned about temperature rules.

Let it rest about 15 minutes, slice, eat. Repeat.

I made my waterless garlic mashed potatoes and minty peas to accompany the roast tonight. Yum. Tomorrow we'll eat sandwiches, on the french bread Connor and I made yesterday, because as good as this peameal is hot, it's just about as good cold.

I'll watch for boneless pork loin to go on sale again, and load up now that I have mastered peameal 101, there's going to be more Canadian bacon in my world; without the 1,675 mile drive.


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