Thursday, July 8, 2010

I got Figs, I made something

I like figs. They are in season at the moment in Austin and my friend has a heavily laden tree which hangs over her driveway. All these are good things.

I brought a big bag of the figs home with me yesterday and this morning stood, with hands on hips and devised a little somethin' something' to do with them. Here's some of the shots from the experiment:

I pulsed some flour, sugar and butter in a processor and squashed half in a lined pan, 8x8. I whirred a load of figs, lemon zest and lemon, a little flour and a spoonful of sugar and blobbed that on top (it was a blob! - too thick to pour too thin to be a paste) then crumbled the rest of the topping/base over the top

I baked it off for about an hour at 375, let it sit for 45 minutes or so to settle and firm up and removed it in one piece then cut it up and ate too much of it.

I posted the recipe on my examiner spot, it's austin and it's budget afterall :) go check it out here:


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