Friday, August 7, 2015

CHECK your fish before you leave a store, I expected better HEB

So, the first post back is a moaning one.

I shop at the "new" "green" "high tech" HEB located at Meuller in Austin.  I asked for four 'similarly sized" fillets at the counter.

I came home to this:


I tried to email the store, without success, we'll see if this gets anyone's attention 

SERIOUSLY HEB, between the bad, old, soggy, broccoli heads and the lack of legitimate fresh produce in your store, the security guard who YELLED at me for dropping my son off to run in for me (yes, I did move immediately), the VERY expensive live lobsters I bought that DIED within 30 minutes (oh SURE they'll live outside the water for a day), and now THIS?

Someone fix this, I am not a happy camper


OH and HI! :)  I'm back 

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