Friday, May 3, 2013

7up Biscuits (that weird urban recipe legend) Good grief, they're fabulous

There's been the same post that keeps showing in my news feed on my Facebook page and that is a recipe for 7up Biscuits.  Who the heck would make these? Why would someone go this route instead of just making regular, perfectly good, perfectly normal, scratch biscuits, they're not exactly difficult  (I thought to myself in my smuggest of moments)

 "There's no way they work like that OR that they are any good" I thought.  Ooopsie!  Are you kidding me?  How could I be that WRONG.  They're absolutely FABULOUS!  

It's my son's 14th birthday today and I have given him free reign to play whatever xBox games with his homeschool friends today.  We are going out for a fancy dinner later and his party is tomorrow so I just figured I'd toss snacks to him throughout the day.  I thought I'd try something "new" even though this is an old recipe idea, it's new to me.  I used Sprite and it was fantastic.  Don't let the type of soda get in your way... 

Here's a quickie overview: 

7up Biscuits
(you can use Sprite or Mountain Dew or Whatever lemon ish soda/pop you have)
(you can also use soda water and add a little sugar and a little lemon... way to cheat!) 

2 cups Bisquick baking mix
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup 7up or Sprite or pop of your choosing
1/4 cup (half a stick) of butter

Preheat oven to 450
Put the butter in a glass 8x8 or 9x9 pan and pop it into the oven or microwave to melt the butter.

In a large bowl, put the Bisquick and sour cream and rub it in to combine it, you can also use a fork if you must.  The add the soda and mix it around with a fork to combine.  It's a lovely soft dough.

Turn it onto a Bisquick floured board and quickly flip it over a couple of times to make a cohesive dough and pat it quickly to approximately the size of your glass pan.  Cut into 9 with a pizza cutter or a bench scraper or a big knife.

Transfer each of the 9 pieces to the buttered pan. *I cheated and sprinkled a little tiny bit of sugar on top of mine. 

Bake in the top third of a hot oven for about 15 minutes.. or until they look amazing.  Then eat them  They are light like angel food cake without being "wooly"  they are delicate and tasty and sweet and tangy and shocked the heck out of me at how good they turned out to be.  ALSO, I ate one 5 hours later, from the dish and guess what... just fine.  I'm having a houseful of boys for my son's birthday sleepover tomorrow and Sunday morning... I'm making a double batch of these (I'll just double ingredients and do a 9x13 pan) and I am sure I'll have a houseful of happy teenage boys, hmm, maybe I should make two pans.

Out of the oven: 
Sliced in half:
Buttered...heavily.  Then I added Lyle's Golden Syrup because I CAN
Then I put the biscuit back together
Here's a quick shot of the underside (buttered side) as I devoured it.

There's no way these should (a) work or (b) taste any good.  Well, I'm here to tell you... they (a) WORK GREAT and (b) TASTE FANTASTIC. 

I love quickie, cheater food...  go make these, seriously, I'll wait.... 



  1. I will have to try these again. Mine came out looking like pancakes or sugar cookies. Then I got to noticing on your recipe you list 1/2 cup soda. The recipe that I got on facebook said 1 cup soda. So I will try these one more time. Mine taste good, just flat.

    1. you have to try them again! be sure the pan is the right size and try not to squash them too flat before you bake them. Don't add too much soda because it will make them too soft to be able to lift

      DO try again and let me know!!

    2. I have heard that mistakenly using pancake mix instead of biscuit mix can do that. They actually turn out like pancakes.I never knew there was that big a difference between bisquick and pancake mix.

    3. yeah, they are to completely different creatures