Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boiled Eggs in the Pressure Cooker YES WAY!

Ok, don't mock me or look away or turn to another channel... but seriously, you have to do this.  It shouldn't work, really, I know, this is stupid!

IN your electric pressure cooker, put 12 oz of water then put a steamer basket in there.  Put as many eggs as you want on the basket

Lock and load

Set timer for TWO minutes on LOW pressure and go make toast. There is no way this is going to work, seriously, what a colossal waste of my (and my chickens) time...  wasting eggs  *mutter mutter mutter*

DING  when the timer goes off, release the pressure quickly, use tongs and take the eggs out and put them in egg cups.

Butter your toast and cut it into soldiers.  You are NOT allowed to eat eggs without soldiers.  Cut the top of the egg off and look inside! LOOK!  The white is firm yet still tender and the yolk is solid looking until you push your toast soldier into it and then LOOK!  LOOK!  It's RUNNY and PERFECT!

It's PERFECT!  It shouldn't work but it DOES!


I will get better pictures but really, I just had to get this out here so everyone starts making their eggs in a pressure cooker...  CRAZY! 


OK OK OK  so I made them again, actually I've been making them every other day because the fact that it works, freaks me out.  I've made one egg, perfect.  I've done 2, 3,6 eggs...perfect.


Well, here's the pressure cooker with a little water in it, i didn't measure this time, rebel.  There's 1/2 inch maybe in there.  Here's a lovely picture of my steamer and 3 of my backyard eggs.  Well not MY eggs, eggs from my chickens.  You'll notice said eggs are no where near said water.  I have a LOW pressure button on my Nesco so let's press it and lock and load for 2!

Ok, another exciting shot, there are the eggs, 2 minutes later.  Well, 2 pressure minutes later, it was probably another 1 or 2 to get there.  I released the pressure with my "get me out of here, release the pressure now now" switch.  Ah, Sunny's Egg (Sunny is one of my chickens) placed perfectly inside lip licking egg cup with waiting soldiers, toasted and buttered.  Cut off his head and VOILA!  perfect!  (this bugs me, it should NOT  work but it does and it keeps working~! every.single.time.)

I did the same to Martini's egg (Martini is yet another of the girls who live in the backyard and supply me with fresh eggs) as is evident by the pencil "M" on the side of the egg) and it's also, perfect.  YIKES, overflow... luckily there's buttery toast soldiers to sop that up.  Mmmmmm

Well, every time I do this, they work out exactly the same, exactly perfectly and this is reason 4,829 as to why you need to go out and buy an electric pressure cooker. 

I'll keep playing and finding things to try, you just keep making them. 


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