Thursday, April 12, 2012

Making, Mixing and Kneading Fresh Pasta

Make a little pile of flour, this is 1 cup, make a well and drop in one egg, a little salt, a quick squirt of olive oil.  Stir until its too hard with a fork, then flip with your hands, then knead, then roll... Roll it thick, roll lit thin.  The link to using the pasta machine is :  I've rolled it out thin with  rolling pin loads of times, when you just use one egg and a little flour and you don't want to get the big machine out, cut the little ball in half, roll thin thin thin with loads of flour, roll up and slice.  Really, it's quick, easy and I can make a ball of dough in 3 minutes :)

I'm having technical trouble uploading videos so here is the link to my youtube video of the pasta process.

my YouTube video making pasta

go make pasta :)


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