Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jalapeno Alchemy

I'm playing with making candied jalapenos, on some sharp cheddar and a cracker.

I think I may cut it up next time and make it more of a jam...  it's super hot and super sweet.
I threw some sugar, some vinegar, salt and turmeric in a pot, boiled it hard for a few minutes to dissolve everything then threw in sliced jalapenos.  I boiled for about 3 minutes until they shrivelled and got darker.  Popped them into 2 mini jars and boiled the syrup down further.  I may have boiled it too hard because it got a bit thick.  I filled the jars with the liquid and tossed them in the fridge. 

They are delicious!!!!!!!!!!  super super hot and super super sweet.  Husband isn't a fan but really, he never really is.  I have girlfriends coming tomorrow, I'll make them try it and get opinions on how to tweak it.

I had extra syrup which I poured into a jar of it's own and it's like pepper caramel, I will find a way to use it! 

I'm going back to the store today so when I make the next batch I'll post the exact amounts and ingredients. I love kitchen alchemy.


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