Monday, October 3, 2011

Pressure Cooker Experiments

I got a new electric pressure cooker.  I'll post the actual recipes later, these are the action shots.  

I was going to hold out for a swanky, expensive, name brand, electric pressure cooker.  I knew I wouldn't fork out the cash if I didn't know how well it would do.  My local Walmart had the Nesco 6qt on sale.  I bought it on the way home from dropping Connor as school.  The theory is that when I become a pro I'll toss the $60 pressure cooker for a better one but I tell ya, I LIKE this one.

I skyped my mom (who has an electric pressure cooker) and she talked me through some ideas.  This is what we did.


Artichokes. 6 minutes.


Chicken, coconut, potato, onion curry.  8 minutes


Custard.  3 minutes


Jambalaya.  9 minutes.


Delicious.  Flavorful.  Better than the same things I've cooked the "regular" way.  Oh and it was all finished, boxed and put away by 11:30.  Heck of a mornings "work".

Buy a pressure cooker.  Now. 


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