Thursday, January 27, 2011


A confession, I am a slave to my hankerings. Although I suppose if any of you have spent 5 minutes with me or reading my stuff, you already know that. Never-mind. On with the confession of a Thursday night.

After I went into "filled noodle" land, my culinary memory set upon me a hankering of ridiculous proportion. From that day to this I haven't been able to think of much other than perogies. If you don't know what they are, picture noodle dough, with sour cream in it, wrapped around mashed potatoes, cheese and a few fried onions. Boil them then, um, ya, fry them in butter with a few onions softened in the pan. I like to sprinkle some finely chopped green onions on them, Connor likes cheese grated on top of that!

I have to remember what I did to come up with these beauties but in the mean time, here's the beauty shots, I'll try to figure out what I did and write it down for you as quickly as I can. I "winged" the dough the other day and shoved it in the fridge. I made the filing the next day, some nuked potatoes and sour cream and butter. It's been sitting there waiting for me and tonight after school, a day with the mommies and my first eyebrow wax (we'll have to talk about that a different day) I had the biggest hankering and the delight in the knowledge the parts were in my fridge. By the time the water boiled, the perogies were rolled out, filled and sitting in wait. When they floated, I gave them 6 minutes then transfered them to the waiting pan of fried onions submerged in an obnoxious amount of slightly browned butter. A quick toss/fry and onto the plate.

Did I mention they're stupid, ridiculous good? Tender but slightly chewy dough, thick, rich, soft tasty filling? Oh my goodness, I need to sit down.

I'll get the recipe to you but in the mean time, here:

I rolled out the dough I made, cut it into rounds, used my mini ice cream scoop to put the same amount in each round then pulled it over and sealed. This dough is super soft, super stretchy and seals beautifully. If only I could remember how I made it.

Ok ok, I'll get on the recipe. In the meantime,



The dough was 2 cups a/p flour, 1/2 milk, a "blob" of sour cream (maybe almost 1/4 cup?), 1 egg and some salt. I combined it, stirred like mad and when it was a dough, I flipped it a couple of times on the board in a gentle knead and wrapped it in plastic wrap and threw it in the fridge. I made it 3 days before I made the perogies so it's definitely a do ahead, and we love a good do ahead.

The filling was some nuked potatoes, ok maybe 4 large ones? some grated cheese and some fried onions. I salted and peppered heavily!! This filling is intense and absolutely delicious. The dough needs it and can certainly handle the aggressive filling.

/make these!

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