Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quickie Update about me and my food

This is the requested dinner the 11 yr old asked for when his dad was out of town for a week. Not pizza or burgers but a firm, "mom, while dad's gone, can you make that creamy shrimp pasta that I love?" The request made me laugh so of course it was on my short list of things to cook this week.

I'll post the whole recipe/process later today.

For the moment, I wanted your attention. It looks like I get to share my particular form of insight (?) with an even wider audience. For those of you who are keeping score. I'm writing for . I currently have pieces in the cookbook section, the food news section and the review section for Austin, Tx. It's a great resource and is hoping to cover the whole country, go check the site, look for your city and eat well.

As of yesterday, I'm the newest addition to and will be their Austin Budget Food Examiner and those bits and pieces will live here: Imagine how much better the page will be when I actually write something. I think I'll do a fine job because I love to cook, I know how to cook and more importantly, I cook on a budget. My family doesn't like processed food (well except hubba hubba who seems mysteriously addicted to Ramen noodles) so I have the challenge of being on a budget and making it all from scratch. I think I've done alright so far and hopefully I'll be able to add a tidbit of knowledge or two to whoever watches me other there.

I also wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for coming by and checking out what I do here. I really enjoy it and the opportunity to write about for a wider audience is pretty cool for me.

I'll post here when there's new material up on either site. Thanks for the ongoing support, I appreciate it.


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